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On this page:

  • Video on YouTube - Free as a PowerPoint - "Discover the Magic of Pysanky.pptx"; widescreen format 16:9; on YouTube
  • Lights! Camera! Action! The making of Pysanka Power Video Clips
  • Pysanka Power Video Clips on YouTube - useful information, hints and money-saving tips from expert and best-selling author Joan Brander and other guests
  • our free newsletters are distributed in the Spring and Fall
  • activity sheets and colouring pages

Photos of people and places are on (click Photo Gallery for details)

Video on YouTube

"Discover the Magic of Pysanky"; widescreen format 16:9; can be emailed as .pptx; 7.3 Mb; an overview of how to make pysanky Ukrainian Easter eggs, what they are, tools and materials required, the wax-resist technique, safety considerations, helpful hints, and useful pysanka resources. View as video on YouTube.

Lights! Camera! Action! The making of Pysanka Power Video Clips

Videographer extraordinare, Joyce Computer wiz Still photos too!
Videographer extraordinaire, Joyce computer wiz, Joan
Our Clapperboard Operator Extraordinare, Tom A reason to celebrate!  

Pysanka Power Video Clips on YouTube

2008 Pysanka Symposium and Book Launch In Washington, DC - Pysanka Symposium and Book Launch of About the Pysanka--It Is Written! A Bibliography by Joan Brander ("Creation, Tradition, Dissemination", "Collection, Preservation, Exhibition", "Paths to the Pysanka" and "Tools for the Pysanka"), and Easter Bazaar, March 8-9, 2008 in Washington, DC

Book Launch and Announcement by Library of Congress - About the Pysanka—It Is Written! A Biblioraphy by Joan Brander, March 8, 2008, Washington DC. Eggs-perience the eggs-citement of this event.

Annual Pysanky Ukrainian Egg Decorating Workshops - a whimsical look at pysanka expert and best-selling author Joan Brander in her Studio announcing her annual pysanky Ukainian egg decorating workshops. Watch to the very end :)

Our Tee Shirts Get Around - imagine the surprise when a traveller on the Argentia ferry in Newfoundland was approached by a fan bearing a big smile and hug to say she was a fan of Baba's Beeswax! Our tee shirts get around.


Newsletters to download (pdf)

2011 Fall Newsletter, vol 1, issue 1

2012 Spring Newsletter, vol 2, issue 1

2012 Fall Newsletter, vol 2, issue 2

2013 Spring Newsletter, vol 3, issue 1

Activity Sheets and Colouring Pages to download (pdf)

Hey Kids! It's a pysanky party with Guy Kistka, Katie Kandle, the Dye Guys, and Baby Beeswax (pdf)

Scrambled Pysanky Egg Words (pdf)

What would Guy Kistka say? (pdf)

Free Crossword Puzzle Activity Sheet (pdf)

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